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3 mar. 2009

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People should know this
San Lorenzo and his return to Boedo neighbourhood

Club Atletico San Lorenzo de Almagro is demaning Buenos Aires city the land along Av La Plata Avenue which belonged to the club for 66 yeras.

Osvaldo Cacciattore was the Mayer of the city.Two bylaws were issued during the last military dictatorship.The streets named Salcedo and Muñiz were closed by the stadium and the  new bylaws said that those streets had to be opened so the club would be cut in four parts.Cacciatore coerced San Lorenzo by selling his land.Not only did he make his own business but he threatened the president and the staff of the club as well.

The club was obliged to sell his land to “two ghost companies” which were linked to the military dictatorship and the Mariva bank.After this,Mariva bank resold the same land 8 times more the price San Lorenzo had done before.The new buyer was Carrefour and the supermarket is still there.

San Lorenzo was forced to sell his land in 1983 and the two bylaws were abolished in a month.
Mariva bank took part in this business and Carrefour has 60% of the shares. The Town Council and the State defrauded San Lorenzo.

The social,cultural and sport project

San Lorenzo needs justice.If our petition fails the members of the club will bring a lawsuit against the State.If San Lorenzo gets the land back,a new stadium will be built and one of the grandstands will be also used to have a school below it.Moreover,there will be a place for shops, fast food restaurants ,a cinema and an exhibition hall.There will also be a gymnasium.

Besides,we have asked Carrefour to have a “Carrefour Express” which will have 6,000 square metres( the same size as it has today).Unluckily the company hasn’t answered yet.

All the places mentioned before will be built below the grandstand.It is important to remark the the present stadium Pedro Bidegain will not be dismantled and it will be used for different national and international sport activities such as Baseball and Athletics.

We can say that San Lorenzo will rebuild the “Gasómetro” (Gasometer) along La Plata Avenue thanks to his supporters who will buy season tickets and boxes and important sponsors.The new stadium will have FIFA rules.


Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro. This is the history of the theft of his field:

In 1976 the military commanded by General Jorge Rafael Videla, came to power in Argentina.
This was the most bloody dictatorship in the history of the country with 30.000 missing person, thousand of tortured and exiles.

In the city was a gobernator, Brigadier Osvaldo Cacciatore
In 1978 it closed the stadium for " bad conditions ". But only it was necessary to arrange 60 planks

At the same time in Argentina the World Cup '78 was played in ofthers stadiums of clubs like River Plate, Velez y Rosario Central. These were remodelled for the cup, in the same year and done by the same government of fact

The "Viejo Gasómetro" was the name of the field of San Lorenzo, ocuppying two blocks, in the Avenue La Plata 1700 in the neighborhood of Boedo in Buenos Aires

Cacciatore after closing the stadium, created an ordinance to open these streets, create a complex of housings and a school.

On December 2 was the last game in "Viejo Gasómetro"

In 1981, the President of San Lorenzo Vicente Bonina had seven meetings with Cacciatore with the aim of reopening the stadium Cacciatore said: "¿Do you have children in college? Then I recommend you pay attention to what I ask"

The President had no choice ...

San Lorenzo receives $ 900,000 and lost the stadium

In 1983 the ordinance of the streets, homes and a school is repealed and shortly after the lands was sold by ghosts societies in $ 8,000,000 to the hypermarket Carrefour, located there today.

Scam consummate, perfect business.

Today, 30 years later, San Lorenzo reclaim what belongs... Calls for Justice.We are returning to Boedo

100.000 Souls - 8 March 2012 - Legislature of Buenos Aires

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